Repossession Responsibility

Advocating For You

Our goal is to create education amongst our members, clients, law
enforcement and the State of Pennsylvania. We intend to encourage
professionalism and leadership within our industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission as the Pennsylvania Repossession Association is to promote
responsible and ethical practices in the repossession industry while
advocating for the rights and interests of our members. We strive to
provide our members with the resources, education, and support necessary
to excel in their profession and serve their clients with integrity and
professionalism. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards
of safety and compliance, and to fostering a culture of continuous
improvement within our association and throughout the repossession

PARA Code Of Ethics

1. To compete in a fair and honorable manner.
2. To encourage the acceptance by law enforcement agencies in the
collateral recovery industry.
3. To conduct business in a professional and courteous manner.
4. To promote good will toward fellow members and the financial
intuitions we serve.
5. To attend various functions where our members, vendors, financial
institutions, and law enforcement will be encouraged to participate.
6. To communicate and support with one another, in various industries
related topics.
7. Never discriminate or interfere on the basis of race, creed, color,
sex, religion or national origin